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5 Incredibles Reason to Choose Canggu

5 Incredibles Reason to Choose Canggu

Canggu is a fast-growing area in Bali pronounced as “chang-goo” this hype little town located between Seminyak and Tanah Lot areas. Famous as a surf village and sandy beaches, Canggu also offers the best party experience. Finding a “Bintang” and cocktails is not a big problem in these areas. Many businesses grow up so quickly in this area, from a cafe, restaurant until warung ( Family small restaurant with home-cooked food and cheap price ). We can say, Canggu is fit for everyone.

So, What’s so great about Canggu?

  • The Vibes

Canggu is Seminyak’s neighborhood for the hippies, bohemian style, and digital nomads and less crowded than Kuta. You might find surfers and skaters everywhere you look. Canggu is filled with 20-30s people with a young passionate and open-minded person. If you are a vegan, do not worry ! Canggu is a heaven for vegans ! Enjoy many choices of greens and smoothies with fresh ingredients and organic food for perfect living on the island. Could you imagine you working in a front of the beach while whispering by the sound of the waves then driving home between rice paddies on your right and left side, ending your day by watching the most beautiful sunset you ever saw? Nothing can beat Canggu Vibes, it’s absolutely a place you will miss.

  • Surfing, Yoga, Wellness Centre

The wave in Berawa Beach is welcoming you to get your surf up during the day, If you haven’t experienced surfing, it might be the perfect time to start! A lot of trainers and rental surfing boards on every side of the beach and restaurants. If you are an advanced surfer, you can go to Echo beach which is more challenging along with a beautiful horizon of sunsets. If you walk around, there will be plenty of Yoga Centre and Wellness Centre. You can try and visit in Berawa, you can find CrossFit to train your body, Flying Yoga from Pravilo in Pererenan, or you can also join FINNS Recreation with a lot of choices for your body program. In other words, Canggu might be a great place to meditate and relax your mind

  • It’s time to get a perfect picture in the most instagrammable areas

There are plenty of cafes with different and unique concepts that you can discover with a simple walk. By walking, you can find a small market in the street where you can buy a good handicraft and Bali’s signature gifts to bring to your hometown. On the other hand, you can discover there are plenty of beaches and instagrammable beach clubs in Canggu you can visit to chill and relax your mind and of course, to GETTING TANNED! Is it called a holiday if you are not getting tanned? 😉 You can go to our blogs that inform you about the best beach club in Canggu.

  • It’s time to network with people around the world!

Once you arrive in Canggu, you will realize there are plenty of people in the cafe with a laptop and phone in their hands. Canggu is chosen by a remote working person and an online worker since it’s famous for one of the digital nomad spaces. You can visit a co workplace or join the community in the group, that they’re most active, give and share information on the island. Bali is a great place where you can share your mind with other people from around the world. You can see the world from the other perspective 🙂

  • Canggu’s Nights Out

Like Yin and Yang, even though Canggu is famous for its wellness center, life must be balanced. Canggu is the best place for a great night’s out. You can bring your squad for bar-hopping on walking. Starting from happy hour, ladies night, or many tempting promos in every bar. The design and concept are also competitive from one and other. You can start drinking during Sunset in the most famous beer garden called Old Mans in Batu Bolong, experienced the underground clubs in Berawa Beach called Vault, partying in the beach with lights and loud music and cheap beers in Sand Bar or have you ever experienced coming to a minimart and found a refrigerator that can be open secretly and TA-DAA you can find a hidden bar behind that large fridge. This place is called Black Cat Market. What a life! Get ready for your hangover cures 😉

Final thoughts, if you’re into nature, surfing, yoga, skateboarding, good music and looking for a great party, you will find a very little piece of heaven in Canggu. Fill your bucket list, get your backpack ready and get ready for a great day ahead!