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All things about buying SIM Card in Bali

All things about buying SIM Card in Bali


Both locals and travelers need SIM cards to operate the phone while when you are from an international country and planning to stay for a long time, you will need the local SIM Cards to keep down the cost and no need to spend the roaming rates. There are four main providers in Indonesia: Telkomsel, IM3 Ooredoo, 3 (Tri), and XL Axiata. Every provider shows different packages and rates.

All the signals also have different strengths and all depend on the areas for every provider. Playing safe, people choose Telkomsel as a sim card even though the price is slightly higher than the others. So, check it out for the guidelines buying a sim card in Bali.

Where to get the trusted and safe sim card?

After you are landing in Bali International Airport, you will find the counter selling the sim card. If you don’t mind getting overcharged, It is one of the easiest places you can go directly after you arrive. Otherwise, if you are walking down the street there will be a small kiosk or warung that sells the sim card including the data package. We recommend you to ask them to register the number in front of you until the number is guaranteed to be used for daily.

How much range for the data package in one sim card?

If you want to stay connected wherever you are without looking for wifi in every place, and basically in Bali is hard to find wifi since mostly the villagers did not install the wifi. It would be easier if you buy a local sim card. Usually, each provider has a data package portion depending on the needs. Starting from daily, weekly, and monthly packages. Each package content also has many varies, sometimes they divide packages for only text, calls, or social media packages with different time zones whether for all day or night data. For a monthly package, the range is around IDR 75.000 – 150.000 depending on how much data you choose. On that range, you will get a 3G/4G full package from social media, streaming, and browsing all day.

What’s the best provider in Bali?

As I told you above, there are 4 biggest cellular companies in Indonesia. Telkomsel is one of the users. Even though it is the most expensive provider compared to other providers, it has the widest range and high strength of the signal compared to other providers. Most people use Telkomsel so we recommend you and maybe you have to give a try while you are in Bali!

How to top up ?

Every provider gets their own code for checking out the data or the credits left. You can download the app also in the app store or play store for each provider. For the first time, it will be complicated which package you will choose however when you already know the exact amount you need for your data, it will be easier for you to top up. You can check for the total amount of the package and you can buy credits either in the mart like Alfamart, Indomaret, Circle Key, or the smallest kiosk where you bought the place also usually to sell top-up credits. It is normal if you get an extra charge as the shop sells profit but if you get charged more than 5%, you have to complain! Mostly you will get an extra charge for IDR 1.000 – 2.000, so please be careful when people overcharging you.

If you find your phone did not connect to the internet while it shows a full signal and LTE sign, it is a common thing in Bali especially if you are hanging out in the beach or ocean surroundings. All providers will have the same problems but do not worry, you can try to airplanes your phone and then turn it on once again, and mostly it will be back to normal. Last but not least, either you are an Android user or an iPhone user, we suggest you download an app called “SPEED”. Wish you luck!