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Since January 2020, unknown disease outbreak news has been replaced with daily situation reports.  All resolutions have changed to become the 2020 survival plan where the world facing a new type of virus spreading around the countries known as COVID-19 comes from CoronaVirus. So many cases growing up each day however, the recovery from every country also increases. World Health Organization (WHO) has established Coronavirus as a global pandemic after it has infected more than 118.000 and spreading around 114 countries

5 Must-visit Temples near Canggu

Placed in Mengwi Village with a lovely lawn surrounding the temple. In addition to its beauty, Taman Ayun Temple is considered to have historic values that make the regional authorities of Bali indicate the UNESCO to be included in the World Heritage list. Near the temple, there is a really famous blue swing, in Bahasa swing mean ‘’ayunan’’ and from this word people used to call this temple Taman Ayun, where an area the swing located.

To-Do List on Nyepi at Canggu

Silence day will be celebrated on March 25th, 2020. All activities in Bali will be stopped from 6 am until 6 am on the next day. So amazed this whole island takes a break from daily life. No electricity, no activities outside, no working and no entertainment like TV, Radio also the internet will be turned off.