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Bali Belly, Delhi Belly, Peru Poo? NO MORE!

Bali Belly, Delhi Belly, Peru Poo? NO MORE!


Bali Belly, Delhi Belly, Peru Poo, or whatever you called it, have you heard about it?

This disease is a common thing especially for Australian tourists since Bali is the number one holiday destination and also it does not run out of the possibility of many travelers getting this disease. However, Bali Belly is another name for travelers’ diarrhea or sometimes called “upset stomach” caused by consuming contaminated food or water’s bacteria. Do not worry! Bali’s belly happens to people that travel internationally and believe it or not they are changing in diet and lifestyle. From the foods that never eaten before and the environments with a different atmosphere and humid levels that is not the same as their current place

The symptoms. Every person has different digestion and immune system. The symptoms sometimes from cramps and pain until the worst case is vomiting, dizziness and getting a fever.

You can get sick everywhere not only in Bali so we hope you are not afraid to travel to Bali because of this Bali Belly disease. So, what can you do to prevent it? We would love to give you some tips!

  1. Take probiotics for one week straight before you come to Bali
  2. Once you arrive, you will feel different where mostly all countries provide you clean tap water either from the airport or in every place. It’s different when you come to Bali, make sure you have to be picky while choosing food and drinks in some places and don’t drink water directly from tap water or the shake juice in the street if you unsure about the ice cube water made of
  3. Bring your own medicine in case you do get Bali Belly so you don’t have any difficulties asking and go to the pharmacy that you are unsure which one is the trusted one.
  4. Good for you to travel to this Bali island, you can easily get coconut water once you feel a little bit sick. Coconut can do detoxification for your body !
  5. Simple thing yet is forgotten, do not forget to wash before and after you eat with soap and bring sanitizer everywhere

Then how about if you already get Bali Belly?

Bali Belly can last up to 4-5days. These following treatment tips and remedies might help you!

  1. If you get diarrhea you can go to Kimia Farma pharmacy ( the trusted one ) and look for Diapet (local product) or Imodium (antibiotics)
  2. Treat your dehydration with buying in a supermarket or any mart bottle of Pocari Sweat or young coconut
  3. You better googling first for the medication or medicine that you used to know before you come to the pharmacy and asking for a recommendation. They usually offer you the expensive one and unsure is it can cure the infection you have
  4. For the pain and fever, you can take something based on paracetamol which the common thing is called Panadol
  5. If you get worse like nausea and vomiting it is better if you go to the doctor so they know the medication that would be good for you.

Try to avoid eating dairy products, spicy food, or fried and dry foods. It’s better to heat your body with stew, potatoes, or any food that contains water like apple, pear, guava,  or soup and porridge that can also induce your digestion. Drink plenty of water!

If only,  despite all your treatment efforts and still you get stuck with this upset stomach, it would be a better plan to go for medical treatment and hospitalization especially if you have travel insurance that can cover your treatment. Another alternative, you can ask a hotel receptionist to help you go to Bhaktivedanta Hospital or in the worst case you can ask for doctors-on-call who can come directly to the hotel. We hope with this information all of us can be aware and enjoy the vacation without any troubles. Be aware and stay healthy!