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Smart Tips To Explore Canggu

Canggu is a common area for tourists. You can explore from one beach to another by walking or through the shortcut road. Canggu is known for its rice paddies and the beaches for surfers. So far so good, Canggu is safe but we need to aware for the dark side of humanity and potential dangers however if you are going to walk around at night, it’s better if you have someone to accompany you but still,  we must stay focused and don’t lose control by observing the surroundings and our appearances to prevent unwanted situations. Here are the smart safety tips that might help travelers while in Canggu.

Do and Don’t When You Travel to Bali

Everyone will be so excited after planning a trip. Who would have thought that not all will be excited as we are, especially for the first timer person going for  holiday will be a little bit nervous and anxious. People certainly will find out information about Bali, what should be prepared from clothes, medicines, or places to go. Everyone wants an unforgettable and memorable vacation so here we give you tips for do’s and don’ts when you

5 Incredibles Reason to Choose Canggu

Canggu is a fast-growing area in Bali pronounced as “chang-goo” this hype little town located between Seminyak and Tanah Lot areas. Famous as a surf village and sandy beaches, Canggu also offers the best party experience. Finding a “Bintang” and cocktails is not a big problem in these areas. Many businesses grow up so quickly in this area, from a cafe, restaurant until warung ( Family small restaurant with home-cooked food and cheap price ). We can say, Canggu is fit for everyone.

So, What’s so great about Canggu?

5 Must-visit Temples near Canggu

Placed in Mengwi Village with a lovely lawn surrounding the temple. In addition to its beauty, Taman Ayun Temple is considered to have historic values that make the regional authorities of Bali indicate the UNESCO to be included in the World Heritage list. Near the temple, there is a really famous blue swing, in Bahasa swing mean ‘’ayunan’’ and from this word people used to call this temple Taman Ayun, where an area the swing located.

To-Do List on Nyepi at Canggu

Silence day will be celebrated on March 25th, 2020. All activities in Bali will be stopped from 6 am until 6 am on the next day. So amazed this whole island takes a break from daily life. No electricity, no activities outside, no working and no entertainment like TV, Radio also the internet will be turned off.