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Since January 2020, unknown disease outbreak news has been replaced with daily situation reports.  All resolutions have changed to become the 2020 survival plan where the world facing a new type of virus spreading around the countries known as COVID-19 comes from CoronaVirus. So many cases growing up each day however, the recovery from every country also increases. World Health Organization (WHO) has established Coronavirus as a global pandemic after it has infected more than 118.000 and spreading around 114 countries

To-Do List on Nyepi at Canggu

Silence day will be celebrated on March 25th, 2020. All activities in Bali will be stopped from 6 am until 6 am on the next day. So amazed this whole island takes a break from daily life. No electricity, no activities outside, no working and no entertainment like TV, Radio also the internet will be turned off.