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Coronavirus Update from Parisuda Mangun, CEO at Manguning Hotels

Coronavirus Update from Parisuda Mangun, CEO at Manguning Hotels

First and foremost, Manguning Hotels would like to say that our thoughts are with all of you as we all continue to deal with the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  We are closely monitoring developments concerning the coronavirus pandemic, and is taking all necessary steps to ensure the wellbeing of employees and to prevent any potential business impact.  We’ve watched the rising numbers of those infected by the virus with concern and wish a swift and full recovery for those who are ill. We applaud the worldwide efforts to prevent further infections and tragic deaths.

In this climate, we know travel may not be your first thought, but I want you to know the safety of our guests and associates is our top priority. I want to thank you in advance for putting your trust in all of Manguning properties as you plan for future travels. Below is an update on what we are doing, keeping your safety top of mind.


All Hotels around the world face a drop in occupancy, and this is affected revenue amid coronavirus outbreak. We are not looking to be altruistic, opportunistic or insensitive to the situation. Many travelers are seeing the news and some are fearful of travel, but we encourage them to think logically. At this situation, we are trying to provide a super-flexible affordable rate to local, expatriate and some of people who could not fly back to their country. By this, we hope we could be a safe place from them to stay.

At present, it is unlikely that the Coronavirus can be transmitted through the consumption of food. It was proven by health authorities that already known Corona pathogens were transmitted via air in the form of droplet infection. There is yet no scientific evidence that the Coronavirus could infect humans through the consumption of food or the contact with commodities, objects and products. Therefore, during guest stay with us, we try to provide more healthy food and ensure the quality. Free jamu or local herb drink distribute every morning to every guest, we believe by drink this herb drink it improves our immune system. Besides, we also provide 7-day meal packs filled with healthy and nutritious food.

To reassure you about any travel plans you may have with us, glad fully to inform you that we have adjusted our policies accordingly.  We are committed to full flexibility with booking terms and conditions and have further adjusted our polices accordingly.

Therefore, what we can do for your booking are as below:

a) You can postpone your trip to a later date for up to 6 months

b) We will not charge full cancellation fee to your booking.

c) For all bookings made 7 days within arrival time, you may cancel the booking for free of charge.


To protect all of our employee and their families, our business, and the communities we live and work in, earlier today we announced that all of Manguning’s businesses will split operations. This means that as many employees as possible are asked to work from home. By doing so, we will live up to our social responsibility to prevent the virus spreading further, while ensuring the hospitality continuity that supports and enables our customers and the services we operate in.


I accept as true with tour and tourism is a highly resilient industry that has come back again and again from sicknesses and natural disasters. Most locations will institute a recovery approach in which discounts may also be part of the general enticement to return to travel. But don’t look for deep discounts. We have seen in the past would be a hotel offering free meals with room purchase and maybe even packaging in attraction tickets. Instead of looking for the cheapest price, Manguning Hotels would be looking for the best value. Providing hotel with the best value in term of safeties, healthiness and with a touch of wellness, might be quite challenging after the pandemic. But, that is our believe to keep surviving in this mature business called tourism.

Responding to the lack of medical masks in hospitals and on the market, we are grateful that we are still in a good environment and together with the healthy team making our own mask using recycled material should be an alternative. We took the initiative to do the self – made stitching face masks produced by a skilled tailor team that will be made from recycled cotton that has light natural fibre and breathable for more than 100 pieces and ready to be distributed to the employees, local community and for those who need to create a safe and healthy environment. Even though a cotton mask is not captured with more particles compared to a medical mask, we believe it should be considered as a last choice to prevent droplet transmission from infected individuals nearby and it would be better than no protection at all.

This is a very difficult and uncertain time for everyone, but we are not losing sight of the importance of our hospitality services. We remain committed to help our government build back better. We hope you and yours are staying healthy and we look forward to better times.


Parisuda Mangun

CEO of Manguning Hotels