Finding the most beautiful rice paddies is at the top of the list of things to do in Bali for tourists. There is no need to go far to Tegalalang Ubud if you can find it easily here! Especially when you can directly feel our Balinese Agriculture Experience in Shore Amora.

We offer you a wonderfully relaxing feel with the incredible panoramic views of rice paddy is the first indication of what will be for a magical afternoon especially along with a stunning pool architecture with natural beauty with a touch of cultural attraction to the mix will complete your tropical vacations! Lying down in the sunbed or sitting back on a splendidly sunny day or under the moonlight at Boheme’s restaurant that offers Happy Hour 2 for 1 every day from 1-4 pm. It is the best way to refresh and relax in a city that never stops, isn’t it?


Times have changed, and so the world of the hotel. Nowadays every hotel’s built to compete to become more trendy, out-to-date, and unique from each other. So do the same for Shore Amora. Shore Amora has a different style in every room. In a one-bedroom private villa, you can find yourself to start this morning surrounded by the incredible panoramic views of rice paddy, on the other hand, you will get your own balcony with the private pool and the hanging swing to stress-reducing yourself while books in your hand and dipping your toes in the pool.


Social media has taken over this generation and location is the key to the most beautiful photos in Bali. Once you arrive here, you can walk and cross through a beautiful garden filled with a large array of flowers in every hallway from one villa to another that is connected to the rice paddies. You will have a beautiful shot from any direction you turn. All the steps are safe with the stepping stone and in a straight line so it is not difficult to walk around the garden. In the evening, there is a renewed refreshment in the garden when you might see a flashy bird or catch a flower in bloom or enjoy a breeze blown and sometimes sunset appears. At the end of the garden, there is a Balinese temple that is usually taken care of and used for Balinese people to pray. At certain times, they hold ceremonies and rituals which all the guests can attend and see as new experiences. You will see something to believe in and a real piece of magic in these nature vibes.


For those of you who like to capture photos, it seems everyone knows how mirror-selfie is happening these days. Despite the main function of the toilets, it seems that Millenials took more time in the toilet to take pictures either in a restaurant, cafe, or hotel. People are starting to build the business to make sure every corner is instagrammable. Shore Amora has a signature color palette that you can find everywhere which is terracotta and blue color and with a distinctive style in every building. A great design, complete amenities, and a unique bathtub in every room is the thing you won’t be missed to take a picture of. A touch of terracotta and blue color make every room feel like in sweet-romance vibes and the blue is to remind you that you are on this very beautiful island. With good lighting, artsy design, and a unique hanging mirror you will surely get your friends curious about your pictures! If you have been here, do not forget to tag us on @shoreamora


Gorgeous hotels and resorts in Bali bring the new breakfast experience called Floating Breakfast where the guests can enjoy swimming while eating breakfast. Nowadays, a floating breakfast is what most people are looking for before they book a place to stay. The baskets are mostly made of rattans, wood and come in many shapes. However, could you imagine a floating breakfast that was made from glass? Yes glass, you can experience it here and absolutely ready to stunning your pool! We believe our distinctive style resort is created for every detail including our floating glass breakfast. To start your day, this floating breakfast can fit in for 2-4 courses and 2-3 glasses of drinks in 1 square of floating glass at a really good price. To experience this floating breakfast, we recommend you bring your partner or friends so the glass does not look too empty and ready to fulfill your Instagram feeds! Ps: that is what your partner is supposed to do, to take a picture of you! 😉  You can book this mouthwatering floating breakfast to the friendly staff in the restaurant or visit their Instagram at @bohemecanggu.