As the world starts to open up after a few months’ lock down, a lot of people are wondering about the new normal system when actually we have to accept that there is no “new normal” travel. Based on the World Healthy Organization (WHO) the virus may not go away. There will be no 100% sure thing about safe travel. We just need to accept that and choose the travel places with the lowest risk for you and your family.

A few tips to pick a travel place are pick the least popular destination during a travel off peak, do research for the accommodation and book stays more in AirBnb since they have a new regulation about hygiene and COVID-19 protocols and stay in a small resort or hotel with less than 50 rooms. There are a lot of safe and underrated places that you have not discovered and we will let you know.

  • Myanmar

Even though COVID-19 was found in Wuhan, China and it is located in Asia however, not every Asia has been worstly infected by the virus. Myanmar is one of the countries that the cases increases slowly or has not raised for a long time. Myanmar is known as the most mysterious and beautiful land in Asia and now they have become one of the safest popular destinations in Southeast Asia.

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  • Bali, Indonesia

The number of cases of the COVID 19 in Bali is considered small. Even though Bali is the most popular tourist destination and most every country visiting Bali at the same time everyday including Chinese tourists that increased by 3 percent in January 2020, the same month with Wuhan that started locked down. A lot of people questioning about the phenomenon have come to the attention of foreign media, who call it “mysterious immunity”.

Bali is considered low in spreading the virus so it becomes one of the safest places to visit after this pandemic over. Enjoying and driving around on scooters, getting lost, stuck in thunderstorms, meeting local people, exploring small villages, the beach is everywhere. Talking and make friends with super chill and friendly person in Bali.

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  • Mexico

When you think about Mexico, it will be beers on the beach, cocktails on the sand with a lot of tourists and parties in every corner. However, if you know where you should go it can be so iconic. Beside from Mexico City, get your maps and go to the two neighbourhoods of Mexico called Roma Norte and La Condesa which are both safe and surrounded with tons of cafe and co-working space, vintage store, a beautiful green scenery and the prices are more affordable than in the city. Strolling around the street that is full of history, eating tons of local foods, and learning about the history and going to every architecture place. Make sure to put it on your list and you will know what makes them so special.
  • Rarotonga, Cook Island

On every blog, every video, or every article there will be a lot of people questioning where the Cook Island located is. It is a great thing that this place is more disconnected from other places and it is part of the appeals. There is no McDonalds, Starbucks, or KFC. Rarotonga is the most chilling place that has beautiful landscapes and an island surrounded by a big lagoon and it is so calm and the sea is safe for swimming.
  • Chiang Mai, Thailand

In Thailand, the most popular city is Bangkok. Sometimes people miss the place by choosing to travel to Bangkok when actually the position of Chiang Mai is in the North. Chiang Mai is a very adventurous city with a lot of mountains to explore, an old town with history and a really cool place to develop about coffee. The vibes in Chiang Mai are so hard to explain but the contrast between a bright city mix with a local road with street food and vintage buildings is something beautifully different about Chiang Mai.
  • Lewis and Harris, Scotland

Some people might wonder where the best beaches go to and surprisingly Scotland has it all! The beach in Lewis and Harris is so incredible in terms of the beauty of the beaches. When most people go to the city and states, Lewis and Harris show you the real beauty of one side with a huge mountain and the other side with stunning beaches and grass within a flat landscape. The Family still believes in tradition passing down the land to one generation to another. Experience the warmth of traditional culture with the funniest and welcoming people and you will know their accent is the best!

Last but not least, all those places that we mentioned above are considered about the lowest and slowest progression of COVID-19 cases and the discovery about underrated places you should know. Get back to your backpack and do not forget to travel safely. Enjoy your new normal travel!