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Smart Tips To Explore Canggu

Smart Tips To Explore Canggu

Canggu is a common area for tourists. You can explore from one beach to another by walking or through the shortcut road. Canggu is known for its rice paddies and the beaches for surfers. So far so good, Canggu is safe but we need to aware for the dark side of humanity and potential dangers however if you are going to walk around at night, it’s better if you have someone to accompany you but still,  we must stay focused and don’t lose control by observing the surroundings and our appearances to prevent unwanted situations. Here are the smart safety tips that might help travelers while in Canggu.

  • Driving a scooter in Canggu

Known for a lot of shortcuts in Canggu, it’s easier if you’ve driven a scooter but however the accident that happens mostly comes from tourists who don’t know specific local rules of driving. On the other side, robbery might happen while you drive a scooter. Make sure you keep your belongings safe since a lot of people report snatching the belongings either bags or phones in the hand that is used to open the directions from maps.

  • Find your trusted accommodations

Choosing where to stay is so important. Nowadays, a review from TripAdvisor is used by all people before going to Bali. It’s better if you take a look at the reviews of every place before you book. Either from hygiene and cleanliness, safety is also important. Some cases happen from one of the guest houses or villas get robbed because of a lack of secure sources. It’s good if you find some instagramable place, but don’t forget to look for the review first. Safety first.

  • Bali Belly!

Bali belly is a name for stomach ache issues that regularly happen to tourists. If you find yourself sensitive, don’t eat at local street food. You might go to a cute cafe or you might try local food in the restaurant that will be more hygiene guarantee. Prepare yourself for the medicine and vitamins to build your antibody. We do have a specific article about Bali Belly. You might check it out for the details

  • Respect the Ocean. Get yourself controlled!

Excitement. That’s all we got while we are on holiday. Especially if you have to spend your day living on an island with so many beaches and oceans. The risk of being swept away is real. No matter how strong a swimmer you are, you will never be able to control the riptide. Not every beach has a lifeguard, you might put in mind where the waves bring you. Swimming in a group will be great, don’t go by yourself.

  • Tattoo is great, but choosing the right one is a must

While in Canggu, you will be surrounded by surfers and hipsters. You will find every 100 meters a tattoo shop in every corner. Getting your ‘souvenirs’ will be a great experience otherwise, you don’t want to get scars or HIV because you’re unsure about the hygiene and cleanliness of the place right? Choosing the cheapest price might not be a good option if it is related to one and only body. We suggest you do your research before choosing the tattoo shop or otherwise you will regret the rest of your life.

While Bali generally is safe and a great place to visit, those tips might help you before visiting Canggu. Secure your belongings, keep close with your friends or family, and don’t hesitate to ask for help and check it out for the 5 Incredibles Reason to Choose Canggu article. You will know more about Canggu in that article. Travel safe!